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Memories of The Marshland R&D - (2024)

Jack norris and zooco theatre. 

Memories of the Marshland is a play that questions what "home" is; and where it lives in the body. ZooCo and I ran a 6 day R&D in March 2024 exploring what MOTM can teach us about VI access practice. 


It was an incredible week of discovery, and rich emotional exploration - culminating in a sharing at Jacksons Lane. 

MOTM's story follows central protagonist Ava; who loses her sense of home after receiving news that changes everything. However, like most things that are lost... perhaps it can be found again? Ava's quest for home leads her on an epic journey; fraught with danger, vulnerability, and unsuspecting allies.


Aside from the story; Memories of The Marshland also offers another provocation. Ava is blind. The ramifications of this are huge. The sheer scale of that ripple effect really interests me as a visual Theatre maker!


My task during this ACE funded R&D was to: grapple with the relationship between Visual Impairment and Physical Theatre, to confront and name the contradiction that might feel like. To turn away from my usual ways of working, and discover new routes into physical expression with the help of fellow collaborators. 


Memories of The Marshland - though in it's early stages - is now built around a community of blind/ VI and sighted creative voices. Which is something I feel extremely proud of. I don't think this is an end of MOTM; quite the opposite. A new tide is coming in.

Directed by: Flo O'Mahony

Co - Directed by: Sam Brewer

Written and Movement Directed by: Jack Norris

A snippet - from ACT I

OUR SHOES R&D - (2023)

Jack Norris and Russell ACTORS. 

"Our Shoes" is an exploration into the profound impact that war has on children. Through a compelling collaboration with Russell Actors at the Old Diorama Arts Centre; Jack Norris has begun building a visual style appropriate to explore this relevant subject. 


Under the direction of Sherina Russell, guided by the nuanced choreography of Jack Norris, this project delves into the often-overlooked consequences of conflict on the young. Regrettably, the imperative to create work addressing the subject of war has never been more crucial.

'Our Shoes' represents an early stage development of a powerful idea — an investigation into the potential of non-verbal theatre, used to amplify the voices of those silenced by the harsh realities of warfare.

Our Shoes - A choreographed sequence Movement Directed by Jack Norris. 



This compelling ensemble piece was collaboratively choreographed by both the participants of the Gecko residency and Chris Evans.


"The Wardrobe" serves as a vulnerable piece of dance Theatre - offering a sensitive presentation of nostalgia and archetypal childhood trauma. The artistic exploration undertaken during the residency laid the groundwork for Gecko's subsequent production, "The Rescue."


Reflecting on the Gecko residency, Jack Norris shares: 'My time with Gecko was profoundly transformative. The sensitivity we discovered together was like gold dust. My main takeaway was a profound sense of care. Care for the audience, for each other, and for the subject matter. This ethos is the compass now guiding my approach to Theatre making moving forward.'

Gecko Theatre - Jack Norris performing with Robin Khor Yong Kuan.

MICHAELA's FLuent Aphaisa - (2023)

Jack norris and RUSS THEATRE. 

"Michaela's Fluent Aphasia" by Christina Carrafiell is a deep dive into the intricacies of  communication and consent. Delving into profound questions such as "What is communication?", "What are the consequences of having your communication stripped away?", and "What are the complexities around giving consent without effective communication?".

During the duration of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023, Jack Norris took on the roles of Movement Director and Community Producer for this production.

Jack describes developing the imagery around "Michaela's Fluent Aphasia" as 'a fascinating study into how we present liminal space on stage'. The influence of this project can be seen in the visual style of "Memories of The Marshland".  

In addition to these responsibilities, Jack also  assumed an acting role in the production: playing the role of "Theo" during both the Fringe and London previews.

Marketing material and artwork designed by Jack Norris: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023.

Michaela's Fluent Aphasia - Thematic Trailer. Movement Directed and Produced by Jack Norris.



"Into Each Life" is a proof of concept - currently taking the form of a short film directed by Jack Norris. The visual style of the film pulls from both the urban legend of "the backrooms", and the familiarity of Chaplin comedy.

Set against the backdrop of a future where Russia has unleashed their 'Poseidon' nuclear missile on the UK, the film unfolds within the confines of an abandoned children's soft play centre. Here, two close friends navigate the challenges of growing up amid the aftermath of nuclear fallout.

Beyond its comedic exploration of silent film aesthetics, "Into Each Life" casts a critical eye on the quality of our leadership in recent years. As Chaplin aptly puts it, 'Nothing is permanent, not even our troubles.'

Into Each Life - Thematic Trailer. Directed and Produced by Jack Norris.

BOSSY - (2023)

zooco theatre.

"Bossy" by Cherie Gordon is a heart warming deaf-led show that not only celebrates black culture, but also champions the idea that you should celebrate your roots!

Jacks creative involvement took the shape of Training Movement Director, working under the mentorship of multi-award-winning choreographer Chris Fonseca.

The reach of "Bossy" extended nationally, gracing venues such as the Lyric Hammersmith and the Southbank Centre, among others.

This collaboration with ZooCo marked the beginning of an exciting creative relationship for Jack. The company and Jack are currently engaged in the development of a Research and Development (R&D) for "Memories of The Marshland."

Bossy - Rehearsal Trailer. Jack Norris as Training Movement Director. 



"DisillusionIllusion" by Poetic Fools Theatre is an arresting play that confronts the theme of grief; through the lens of a deteriorating relationship.


Jack had a dual role - fulfilling responsibilities as both the Co-Artistic Director of Poetic Fools, and playing the role of "Quinn" in the show.

As Quinn and Mandy's relationship unravels, so does the adherence to the conventions of naturalism. The narrative is dragged into a surreal and liminal world, transcending traditional theatrical boundaries. 

"DisillusionIllusion" received acclaim, playing to a sold-out run at Camden Fringe 2021 hosted at Theatro Technis.

DisillusionIllusion - Thematic Trailer. Performed and Produced by Jack Norris.

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